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Our Program


Our program builds both of the new Swiss Plan d'Etudes Romand (PER) and the North American program (based on the Common Core State Standards Initiative).

Subjects taught in French (French, mathematics, and at least one other matter) meet the objectives of the Swiss program, the PER. Subjects taught in English (English-language and at least three other subjects) are aligned with North American curriculum strands. North American manuals are used for subjects taught in English

Please note : In order to facilitate transition into other international school systems ('lycées français' abroad, American high school , international schools), we do not limit our programs exclusively to the Swiss and North American standards.  For example,  we decided to use French manuals, rather than Swiss ones, for subjects taught in French in order to provide gateways to the French school system, relayed in many schools around the world.


Regardless of a child's linguisic profile, the weekly schedule is shared evenly between classes taught in French and classes taught in English.  We consider that  language learning is not an end in itself, nor a subject matter amongst others. The language is a medium through which we learn.

If needed, LIA offers English or French classes for beginners to the older students joining us.

We ask parents at registration to indicate their child's dominant academic language.  This is particularly important for young children acquiring the fundamental of reading and writing. The 'partner' language is also introduced in reading and writing, but its systematic learning will only begin a few months later.


Learning time is divided in five main areas:

-Mathematics and natural sciences
-Human and social sciences, Biblical culture
-Visual and musical arts
-Sport and health

The schedule is made up of thirty-two class periods of 45 minutes each.  Children attend school 4 and half days a week; Wednesday afternoons are free.  Before the age of 6 (1st grade/3P), Wednesday mornings remain optional.

- History and geography are adapted for an international audience.   The focus is less on any particular national history and geography, but rather with a global emphasis.
- German is required by the Swiss program for all students, 8 years old and up. We will offer it to students who already have a good command of French, language of the canton of Geneva, and English.
- Information Technology (IT) is taught to all students and is often used a tool in other subject areas.
-A weekly period of 45 minutes called "biblical time", allows children to acquire some Biblical knowledge and key references.