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Our Project

"The mission of LIA is to challenge students with quality academics and character development in an immersive bilingual and Christian value-based environment."


To accomplish this, we offer a refreshing place in which a child can grow.

Academics: Léman International Academy is a family-size school with a supportive learning environment. Our approach is to facilitate learning in partnership with the student and his or her family. Our highly qualified staff guides their students in acquiring a framework of knowledge while encouraging them to develop their skills and self-confidence. Students will master grade-appropriate competencies while being nurtured in their natural curiosity to explore the world around them.   The potential of each child will be respected; we will not hinder the progression of gifted students.
Worldview: Léman International Academy offers a bilingual French/English program in which parents can choose the language emphasis. We celebrate culture and diversity. We cultivate an appreciation for the local Swiss community and foster global awareness through the multicultural environment within the classroom.
Character: Christian values, grounded in the Bible, are the basis of all we do. They influence our way of teaching, recognizing each individual as endowed with dignity, worth and the capacity to learn. We encourage students to develop values such as respect, generosity, honesty, justice, forgiveness and the acceptance of all regardless of differences. Léman International Academy sees the cultivation of citizenship, moral character, and ethical behavior as a natural corollary of academic excellence.